3 Signs You Have Found The Worst Employment Lawyer Florida Has Around

Unfortunately, there are occasions when one has to bring a lawsuit against an employer. Whether you were wrongfully terminated, not paid for overtime or something else, having a qualified attorney on your side makes all of the difference. If you are considering an attorney and you notice any of the following behaviors, it is time for you to continue your search.

1. They Encourage Dishonesty

When you are looking for the best employment lawyer Florida has available, you should stay away from those who believe that being dishonest is the way to go. Generally, an attorney should advise their clients to be honest at all times and avoid saying anything that may incriminate them. If you are told to exaggerate or make up events, this is an attorney’s way of telling you that they do not believe you have a solid case.

2. Failing To Respond In A Timely Fashion

Everyone knows that lawyers are busy people, but that does not means that they should ignore clients when they attempt to communicate. While you should not expect to get a response from anyone immediately, if they are unable to get back to you within 24-48 hours, this is a sign that they are far too busy to give your case the attention it deserves.

3. The Fees Are Ridiculous

There is no universal price list that every employment lawyer Florida gas around needs to abide by, but being far more expensive than everyone else is a bad sign. If you notice that you are being quoted a price that is many times more than others you have met with, you should see this for the red flag it is and look for someone else.

It is difficult to find a great lawyer these days, but certainly not impossible. The best way to know that you are dealing with someone reliable is if they do not display any of the behaviors listed here.